Tape Diaries

Tape Diaries was created using residual materials and writings produced during the making of my master's thesis project, Where I Live. The thesis project was painted on loose, unstretched canvas panels that were eventually trimmed to their intended dimensions upon completion. While each panel was in progress, the rectangular compositions were outlined on the canvas using blue painter's tape. This tape marked where the painting ended and the "bleed" space, the outer edge that would be trimmed, began.


Over the course of my thesis production, I collected the trimmings from each panel. I was attracted to the energy that was present in these strips of tape, which documented the edges of my thesis - the moments when material came loose and brush strokes wistfully broke the border. These edges were preserved in my personal, private notebook, where they framed my written thoughts surrounding my thesis project. These strips of tape, these writings, are the unfiltered progress of my thesis, which I find almost equally as interesting. I noticed that other people were excited about this collection as well, so I felt that this part of my progress was worth sharing with the public.

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