Apartment Abstraction

In my previous series, Cohabitation, I used paint as a collage element - as an object that I held and adhered to my paintings. I thought about what it’s like to cohabitate with other entities, specifically my roommate and of course, my cat. This series, I’m continuing the collage in my work. I’m contending with how I cope with the stillness of a peaceful or quiet moment in time. My goal not only as an artist but generally as a human being is to spare myself unnecessary suffering caused by spiraling anxious thoughts. But this is not easy, so often I find myself mentally absent from the moment, staring but not observing, physically here but not present. This is especially true when there is solitude, for that is when the thoughts are louder than ever. The ordinary moments depicted in Apartment Abstraction are disrupted by color, form, and material, making them feel disjointed or confused. The abstraction of a moment represents the loss of a moment when distracting thoughts appear. The moment is vaguely there, but it’s clouded by neurosis.


Ideas regarding my pet cat also inform this work. I have always been fascinated by her experience of captivity. She is an indoor cat who’s closest and most voluntary encounters with the world outside of our apartment are between sheets of cloth and panes of glass. I empathize with the feeling of disconnect between my internal experience and my external experience of the world, which is what draws me to images of her, the window, and the curtain.

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